Getting to know Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions for digitizing information


What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)



Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an advanced data capture application, with real-time processing.

This advanced process enables you to detect characters in the digital images and convert the output into digitally stored text.




How does it work?

Let’s take for example the case of a paper document or a PDF contract received by email.

A scanner is not enough to make this information available for editing; the most that a scanner can do is to create an image or a snapshot of the document.

So to extract data from scanned documents, camera images, or PDFs, you need an OCR process that can single out letters on the image and put them into words and sentences, enabling you to access and edit the content of the original document.


How can OCR aid in a Digital Onboarding Process?

Following the first step in the digital onboarding system where the customer inputs their contact information, they will be prompted to upload/take a picture of the ID.

Based on this, the OCR application runs and all the data is captured and saved in the predefined client onboarding form in the application.

To extract and repurpose data, the optical character recognition software runs and all the data is captured and saved in the predefined onboarding form in the application.

How can it help you?


Fraud detection

OCR processing can be performed in real-time on the server. As a result of capturing or uploading the image, it will be saved on the server and presented to call-centre operators for verification, for example, during a video call in a Digital Onboarding scenario.

Our OCR solution for Digital Onboarding can be localized across various countries in terms of language, IDs, data models, and structure.

In the same Digital Onboarding scenario, once the image is saved and customer data processed using OCR, we run security checks and anti-fraud validations of the ID card and the extracted information.

Once all validations are completed, the customer will be redirected to the next step, continuing the onboarding process.


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