Technology Consulting

We balance expertise, cost, and talent to build the perfect solution for any digital transformation journey.
Our consultants combine their technical knowledge with industry-specific insights to provide effective solutions for your business

Technology Consulting

We balance expertise, cost, and talent to build the perfect solution for any digital transformation journey.
Our technology consultants combine their technical knowledge with industry-specific insights to provide effective solutions for your business


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Our technology consulting services are designed to help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals.

We have a team of experienced professionals who have worked with various industries to implement innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency and drive process improvements.

Our approach to technology consulting is based on building strong partnerships with our clients. We work closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and design bespoke solutions that leverage the latest technologies to ensure smooth operations.

We have a proven track record of success in implementing software solutions for various industries, especially banking and insurance. Our technology consultants team has expertise in implementing SaaS platforms, digital banking solutions, and ERP systems, as well as in utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance data-driven decision-making.

At the heart of our technology consulting services is a commitment to delivering value to our clients. We understand the importance of understanding both short-term and long-term strategies and adopting the proper technology to achieve business goals. We take a comprehensive approach to our projects, placing a high value on the discovery and design phase to ensure that we deliver solutions that meet our client’s unique needs.

Whether you are looking to improve operational efficiency, automate processes, or enhance data-driven decision-making, our technology consulting services can help you achieve your goals. We are committed to working closely with you to deliver innovative, effective solutions that drive your business forward.

Meet some of our amazing Lead Consultants


Andreea Remus

Lead Consultant, Digital Banking

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Andreea Remus is a Lead Consultant in Digital Banking with over 16 years of experience. In her career she has led various digital banking implementation projects, transforming and simplifying processes for important European banks. Passionate about helping clients achieve their objectives, she is dedicated to defining key goals, identifying tailored and innovative solutions, and creating unique identity journeys. Working closely with clients to understand their businesses, she focuses on delivering the best solutions that meet their expectations and positively impact their objectives.
Andreea manages a team of 21 colleagues and together they have achieved significant successes, including implementing a digital banking solution for TBI bank’s operations in Greece in less than six months, on a low-code platform. The key factors contributing to the success were: the strong relationship built with the client, working as a single team, expertise, discipline, and focus on the main goal.
Andreea recognizes the importance of digital banking trends in the industry, such as complying with European regulations, implementing security measures, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and increasing the usage of data analytics to identify gaps in digital processes.


Mihnea Manole

Lead Consultant, Digital Insurance

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Mihnea Manole is an experienced professional, responsible for guiding and providing necessary details and opinions for his partners’ end-to-end digital transformation journey in the insurance industry, utilizing various technologies, especially SaaS platforms. He leads a team of six members, motivating and inspiring them to be creative, to achieve work-life balance, and to provide suitable solutions based on customer needs and their experience.
Mihnea believes consulting goes beyond providing expertise to customers, but also involves creating connections and long-term partnerships that lead to shared success. He has proudly built strong relationships with his partners, completing projects in as little as five weeks, and receiving appreciation from customers. One of the key challenges in digital transformation journeys is understanding short and long-term strategies and adopting the appropriate technology. While some partners may overlook the discovery and design phase, Mihnea believes it is a crucial aspect of the project.


Oana Afrenie

UX/UI Lead Consultant, 

Digital Insurance

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Oana Afrenie is a UI/UX  Lead Consultant, merging a profound passion for aesthetics with the innovative potential of technology.

Her portfolio is enriched with numerous projects within the insurance sector, where she has skillfully navigated both the business requirements and the specific challenges faced by customers. In her projects she collaborated closely with developers, product heads, and principal stakeholders to transform visionary ideas into tangible products, while also guiding a team of UI/UX designers towards peak performance and design excellence. Central to these efforts were transparent and efficient communication, as well as anticipating possible challenges.

For Oana, design is not just about elegance and beauty. It’s about elevating the entire user journey. She firmly believes that true success lies in empathy—understanding the deeper emotions and needs that users experience. While acknowledging the importance of business goals and technological aspects, she always prioritizes the human element, tapping into the feelings and expectations of the end-users.

custom solutions

Here are some of the main technologies we leverage when we build custom solutions.

Be it advocating for cloud, integrating data science or meeting the latest QA standards. 

technology consultancy - custom solutions

Data and Business Analytics Technical Capabilities

Software Engineering Technical Capabilities

Process Automation and RPA

Low Code/No Code

Data and Business Analytics Technical Capabilities

Some of our preferred Data and Business Analytics tools:

Data Engineering

Data Visualization


Machine Learning and Data Science:

Software Engineering Technical Capabilities

A glimpse at some of the technologies in our Software Engineering stack

Product Engineering and Application Development


Dev Ops

Quality Assurance

Process Automation and RPA

Business processes can be automated in various ways.
Here are a couple of our favorite process automation platforms:

Low Code/No Code

Accelerate even more with low code platforms:

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