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We can help you boost your product engineering and solution delivery through specialized R&D services that allow you to scale, bringing you modern skills, architectural advisory, innovation power, Agile processes, culture-add, and increased productivity, to develop your next-generation solutions.

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Building a SaaS platform or new software product?

A specialist app or financial exchange system?

A new digital customer experience or a sophisticated algorithmic back-end service?

We got you covered.

Product engineering

Startup or enterprise?

We have a rewarding history of working with software product companies, big and small, often located in different geographies and time zones, helping them develop their digital solutions and IP.

We’ve helped innovative startups since early-stage investment (pre-seed), all the way through VC-backed product-led growth, beyond exit or IPO, just as we’ve helped mature businesses accelerate feature-rich product releases, by offering software product development services.

Motivated Softelligence engineering teams work side by side with our customers’ R&D, as an integral part of that product’s innovation heart.

Softelligence Engineering was voted “Best software development partner” in Romania in 2019, and a Central-European finalist in the 2019 edition of the Central European Startup Awards.

Softelligence has been selected to feature in “The 2020 Global Outsourcing 100” list produced by IAOP® and published annually by FORTUNE Custom Projects, in the Rising Star Judging Size category.

We're honored to be in the top 3 finalists in the "Software Outsourcing Project of the Year" category at the ANIS 2020 Excellence Awards Gala.

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In a typical product development engagement, you will act as the Product Owner, specifying the vision and roadmap, defining and prioritizing the product features, owning the backlog.

We can provide all or a part of the engineering roles required to architect, develop, test, deploy, secure, launch, and support your platforms, websites, and apps.

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Engagement models

Fixed Price or Time & Material?

Flat fees or Agile contracting?

We are happy to accommodate any of the above but note that every commercial model has different prerequisites and recommends a different engagement model.

Once we get familiar with your requirements, we’ll be able to advise as to which model would be best for each of your projects.

Softelligence Engineering Development Framework

We’ve designed and perfected a set of best practices for outsourcing engagements, enabled by modern engineering and smart tools, that help us be truly effective when working in mixed, distributed teams.

Whether your solution requires software architects, (proxy) product owners, Scrum masters, DevOps engineers, or full-stack developers, automation testers, BI specialists or visualization consultants, we are happy to bring the right expertise into your product team.

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Managing Partner Software Engineering

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