Improving customer experience and operational efficiency

Improving customer experience and operational efficiency

October 15th

We recently had the pleasure to join the Managing General Agents’​ Association in the UK to deliver a webinar exploring how to improve the customer experience and the operational efficiency with personalisation at scale.

Organisations today are under market pressure to deliver tailored recommendations, offers, and experiences, across all channels and devices, along the entire customer journey. With the focus on digital platforms, people and culture, what is the best way to optimise operational efficiency while delivering a superior customer experience?

Learning Objectives

In the one-hour webinar session led by Softelligence Founder and CEO, Adrian Blidarus together with Steven Haasz, Partnerships and European Accounts Director at INSTANDA we explored these learning objectives:

•    establish the benefits of personalisation at scale beyond the hype;
•    what are the prerequisites of deploying true personalisation across an MGA
•    approach for implementation

We invite you to watch the webinar recording below or on YouTube here.

Establishing the benefits of personalisation at scale beyond the hype


Businesses must deliver tailored recommendations, content, offers, and experiences, across all channels and devices, along the entire customer journey.

Personalization - Softelligence

Source: Based on projections in McKinsey Global Institute, “Notes from the AI frontier: Insights from hundreds of use cases,” April 2018. The study notes that this new value “will be captured in a variety of ways, for example, more valued products and services, revenue growth, cost savings, or, indeed, consumer surplus.”

The 4 D’s of Personalization

The 4 D’s of Personalization

Data-Driven Culture

Capitalizing on the datafication trend across all parts of society and business environment, we seek to make decisions by using data in almost all aspects of our lives. Digital companies have disrupted business models and traditional competitors, using data. As a result, more and more companies are placing data at the centre of the most important decisions.

Many companies still lack a deep-rooted commitment to data-driven organizational processes and cultures. The “business adoption” of big data and AI initiatives continues to represent a challenge for organizations.

According to the Big Data and AI Executive Survey (2019) the main challenges for companies aiming to become Data-Driven are:

  • 62.5% people
  • 30% processes
  • 7.5% technology

For 92.5% of the 1000 companies that participated in the research, the main challenges – people and processes – are cultural.


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