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We offer tailored digital process automation services that formulate an omnichannel digital onboarding software solution, including face recognition and OCR. New customers can sign up for new products instantly, at home, with an operator or as part of an e-commerce buying journey.

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digital customer onboarding

Modular digital customer
onboarding components


Following the first step in the onboarding process where contact information is collected, the customer will be prompted to upload/take a picture of their photo ID.

Based on this, the OCR (optical character recognition) flow runs and all the data is captured and saved in the predefined onboarding form in the application.




OCR processing can be performed in real-time on the server. As a result of capturing or uploading the image, it will be saved on the server and presented to call-center operators for verification during the video call.

The solution can be localized across various countries in terms of language, IDs, data model and structure.

Fraud detection


Once the image is saved and your data taken over in the OCR process, we will run security checks and anti-fraud validations of the ID card and of the extracted information.

Once all validations are completed, you will be redirected to the next step, continuing the onboarding process.


The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is defined as the process a business such as a bank uses to verify the identity of its clients, whether these are persons or legal entities.

Our KYC platform allows you to integrate the complete digital identification of business and customers into the sign-up process via API, while being fully compliant with current legislation.

AML5 Compliance

The new Anti-Money Laundering Directive 5 (AML5) covers definitions and regulations for client identification.

Our Digital Onboarding Banking Accelerator is fully compliant with AML5 regulation.

Face Recognition

Visual identification with Selfie and Video Call for Live Face Recognition.

The Face Recognition analysis is done in two steps: Detection & Verification.

Face Recognition

· Visual identification with Selfie and Live

Step 1: Detection

Based on a machine learning algorithm, this will identify specific face attributes such as: estimated age, smile intensity, sex, facial hair, blur level, noise, exposure.

The facial detection is based on 27 point landmarks/positions specific to a human face. This functionality will be applied on both selfie and ID card picture, after the selfie photo was taken.


Step 2: Verification

Based on the output from step 1, this will perform a cross check between the pictures and generate a confidence score based on an agreed algorithm.

Comparing the ID card picture and the selfie will provide a confidence score. This score will be used as input for the decision engine; the confidence score will not be displayed to the user; instead this information will be exposed via an API to the decision engine. Following industry best practices, anything above 0.5 confidence score is considered to be possibly identical. Results of the confidence score will be available to the contact center operator, and will be classified as a traffic light system:

Below X will return false as a match
Between X and Y will be a yellow traffic light
Between Y and 1 will be a green light

X and Y will be configurable and will be agreed on with the customer.

Video Call

Considering all the validations and checks run so far, you can complete the onboarding flow within a live video call. Therefore, you will be directed to the video call and engage with a call center operator.

Video Call

· Finalizing KYC

You can be informed before the call actually begins, that you:

Can start the call immediately or postpone for later by resuming the process via an e-mail link within 30 days, from the step you gave up

Will be taken over by an operator in the next minutes, depending on the availability of the call center operators who can be engaged in other calls

During the video call, you will be in a dialogue with the call center operator and may be asked to confirm a series of information or answer some randomly generated queries or to do some generic actions so that Bank ensures that it is not a pre-recorded call.


The call center agents and administrators will be able to manage and supervise the onboarding flow within a digital portal in order to track performance, measure your feedback and interactions.

If the additional checks and validations are passed and the operator validates the KYC process the call closes and the necessary documents are being generated for you to have them signed.

Electronic Signature

Secured with OTP. After completing the onboarding flow online, the documents that the customer needs to sign are generated online and can be reviewed in real time or downloaded for later. Compliant with eIDAS European Regulation 910/2014.

Electronic Signature

· Secured with OTP

Documents are also sent to you by email and can be signed at a later time, when you use the link sent via email.

To receive the certificate, you need to provide all consents required by the Certification Authority related to terms and conditions, GDPR, marketing communication agreements.


You will receive via SMS an OTP associated with a unique transaction ID shown in the signing screen, valid for up to 60 minutes, which you use in order to sign the generated documents which will be also automatically signed by the Bank, saved in the management system documents and shared to you by email.

Our Digital Onboarding Solution Process

Contact Information

Start Registration

ID/Passport OCR

Contact Details

Face recognition

Visual Identification with Selfie & Live

Consultant video call

Video call
Document generation & QES

Electronic Signature

Integration with Bank systems

digital lender

Become the NextGen Digital Lender

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Deliver a best-in-class digital lending user experience by leveraging new technologies such as video identification, rule-based decision making, automated KYC (know-your-customer) flows, scoring models and more.

Letting the metrics speak for success

Complete the onboarding flow in under 5 minutes, 100% paperless. Accelerate time-to-money and time-to-yes moving resolution times from a matter of days to a matter of minutes. Grow and accelerate customer acquisition.

Going digital to outperform competition

A state of the art digital onboarding experience that needs to match the expectations of the online consumer community while maintaining fiscal standards. Increase revenues through cross and up-selling, and the introduction of new streams.

Customer Success Stories

The average time to money for competitors is 3 days and for us using the platform implemented by Softelligence is at 15 minutes and on a decreasing trend. The eCommerce platform is a 24/7 available solution. Since launch, platform reliability has proven to be extremely high with downtime counted in minutes. The solution has changed the eCommerce Points of sales financing landscape in the Romanian and Bulgarian market. B2B and B2C experience is improved every week with the strong support of the consultants and developers of Softelligence, making us a leader in the eCommerce market.

SVP e-Commerce,

Consumer & SME Banking

See how we can drive your banking transformation

We can help you drive your banking capabilities to the next level by building, running, managing and optimizing digital lending.

“Do-it-yourself” Onboarding

The customer completes the process completely independent from the Bank’s front office operations.

Assisted Onboarding

The customer is assisted by an operator within the Bank’s front office.


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