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Our tailored digital banking software solutions enable banks to provide customers with flexible and convenient management of their finances. We can help you to rapidly deliver business value in a constantly changing market and meet the ever-evolving demands of digitization.

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Digital banking software solutions

Increasing the coverage of online services ensures higher efficiency and better customer experience. We can help you to build digital banking software solutions to improve customer onboarding experiences.

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Enabling a data-driven future in Banking

Providing the technology components that give the capacity to deliver tailor products and services and to complete customer experience in a unified omnichannel, from acquisition and onboarding to growth and retention.

Helping you build new skills to create flexible digital processes and new deployment models that accelerate the pace of change to improve the end-to-end customer journey.

Accelerators for Retail Banking

The accelerators are built on flexible digital platforms, giving the strong leveraging of data and analytics foundation to empower growth-oriented banks and lending unions with a single point of control over data, decisions, and interactions that will lead the customer experience to a new era of the smart banking.

Enabling a data-driven future in Lending

Our suite of solutions maximizes the use of data-driven processes in the automation of the loan origination lifecycle and provides the flexibility and scale that help deliver personalize lending journeys: from offer and application submission by analyzing the customer behavior, the scoring and the risk rating up to signing a credit agreement and granting the loan.

Accelerators for Digital Lenders

The accelerators used in digital innovation are both transformative and differentiators for managing big and complex data giving the power to orchestrate outcomes in the automation of the processes in an omnichannel lending platform delivering a unique customer journey experience.


Digital acceleration partner of choice for Leasing industry leaders

We can enable you to digitally manage the entire leasing process, from the lease quote, through the entire contract, to reporting, in order to increase the efficiency of contract management and financial leasing operations tracking processes.

Banking Accelerators for Leasing Companies

Accelerators are built on flexible digital platforms, relying on a strong data and analytical basis to empower growth, with a single point of control over data, decisions, and interactions that will transform customer experience into the age of the smart digital environment. The use of accelerators as technical innovations aims to succeed in the rapid change of the legal and regulatory framework in flows and processes.

Whether you’re a Retail Bank, a Digital Lender or a Leasing Company, we have the data-driven services that will help your organization accelerate growth.

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Customer experience

Engaging customers in the most convenient way throughout their financial journeys

Product agility

Using flexible product design capabilities to ensure the implementation of new products in the shortest possible time when new opportunities arise


End-to-end banking solutions, an integrated front-to-back capability or an API-driven quick integration strategy allow fast time to market not only on design but also on how quickly digital support materials can be created


It is important to identify and act on multiple areas of optimization. Cost efficiency measures need to be part of an overall efficiency strategy, designed to maximize effectiveness and service efficiency, reduce organizational complexity, enhance customer service, and improve customer retention


Customer Success Stories

The average time to money for competitors is 3 days and for us using the platform implemented by Softelligence is at 15 minutes and on a decreasing trend. The eCommerce platform is a 24/7 available solution. Since launch, platform reliability has proven to be extremely high with downtime counted in minutes. The solution has changed the eCommerce Points of sales financing landscape in the Romanian and Bulgarian market. B2B and B2C experience is improved every week with the strong support of the consultants and developers of Softelligence, making us a leader in the eCommerce market.

SVP e-Commerce,

Consumer & SME Banking


Articles & Insights

How COVID-19 accelerates the rise of digital banking

How will the post-pandemic business landscape accelerate digital banking and deliver it to day-to-day practice?


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CIR accreditation for cross-border R&D projects

We're honored to receive the CIR accreditation as an organization carrying out research and development work from the French Government.


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Business continuity measures & COVID-19

In this regard we have instituted a set of measures across the company to mitigate risks.


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The 2020 Global Outsourcing 100®

We're listed in IAOP's Top 2020 Global Outsourcing 100 in the Rising Star category for 2020.


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Delivering an AI project

What is AI, why and when should we use AI if we want to deliver an operational efficiency?

Best Practices

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Internship opportunities in Bucharest

Technology is growing at a fast pace, and we, at Softelligence, are growing along with it! That’s why we invite you to join our academy program.


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Our framework for Software Development

We’ve crafted a set of methods, best practices, and recommended tools, that offer fast delivery and full visibility into the development progress.

Best Practices

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20 Trends for 2020

While digital transformation has been on the agenda for years, 2020 is predicted to be a crucial time to accelerate and deploy it across industries.


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Get to know our new Head of Talent

Head of Talent isn't just a job title on paper, it’s a challenge, a piece of a bigger picture, along with flexibility, creativity and patience.


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Dashboards: The Ultimate 15 Point Checklist

A business dashboard needs to be user-friendly and support the decision-making process. To help you on the journey towards achieving growth with data, we will delve into 15 dashboard design principles to help you develop comprehensive dashboards.


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Software Engineering: how we work

We care and contribute, not just execute. We also stand out with excellent domain specialization as well as expertise in modern digital technologies


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Setting yourself up for success aka the S.E.T. Program

Recently we've launched the “S.E.T. for Success” Program under the motto "accelerate your emotional transformation". We've invited one of our mentors to share his motivations to join the program.


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Softelligence joins the MGAA as Supplier Member

Starting June 2019, Softelligence is a registered Supplier Member with the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA).


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We can help you drive your banking capabilities to the next level by building, running, managing and optimizing digital banking using state-oft-the-art-technology.

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