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Our goal is to help organisations in the Financial Services industry to transform their current offering into modern digital experiences while optimizing processes to boost engagement and ensure lasting relationships with their clients.

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What is Data Analytics?

As the word suggests Data Analytics refers to the techniques and tools to analyze data with the goal of enhancing business productivity. In this way, data is extracted from various sources and is categorized to analyze different behavioural patterns.

In the past, companies may have used data following these steps: gather data, decide what it means, and figure out how to apply it.

The evolution of business analytics has led to a digitally transformed process that will help you more easily identify what insights are required to fuel your business decisions, decide what kind of information would produce those insights, and, ultimately, which data sources would provide that information.

Is your organisation ready to monetize the potential of your data?

data analytics services

Data and Analytics Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Discover our Data Analytics solutions that can help you make smart investments, focusing on reduced data point complexity to deliver business insights and identify growth drivers. Analyze the overall financial results including sales, cost, profits and more from different tables. Migrate from traditional reports to advanced platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and many others which will provide interactive visualizations and a holistic view of your most important data.

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Data Analytics in the Financial Services Industry

Deliver a winning customer experience through improved segmentation and targeted solutions that can enhance risk estimation in underwriting, thus reducing the cost of claims and identifying new sources of sustainable growth.

Predictive Analytics is both revolutionary and evolutionary in the context of an insurer’s, a bank’s or a digital lender’s three major business areas: marketing, underwriting, and claims.

Business Analytics for Marketing


Business Analytics tools enable to prepare segment-wise reports, according to which marketing teams can determine where to concentrate resources while identifying optimum campaign segmentation.

Marketing Mix Optimization

The 4Ps of marketing: product, place, price and promotion help sales managers determine the right mix that can result into optimum sales.

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Business Analytics for Underwriting

Precise Pricing, Enhanced Value

In the new Underwriting paradigm, the actuary can complement traditional questions with scientific questions that drive better risk decisions.

Real-time Analytics with big data

Faster screening of new claims: analyze past customers and customer groups in order to establish a screening model to measure new applicants against.

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Business Analytics for Claims

Analyze trends to identify and predict future fraud activity by individuals and groups.

Claims dimensions
Assess likely claims by size of settlement, allocating internal resources to higher priority claims.

Improving Decisions in the Claims
Management Process

There are many decision points across the claims management process that can benefit from the foresight that predictive analytics provides.


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business analytics

Why incorporate a data-driven strategy into the processes of your financial services?

  • Boost profitability
  • Boost productivity
  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention

All of the above benefits are part of the same foundation that makes your organisation successful. Utilizing data to strengthen these organisational pillars can ensure the long-term success of your organisation.

analytics services

How can we help you?

If you are looking for a strategic partner who can help you narrow down your focus, create custom visualizations, automate reporting, and enable your end-users, learn more about our Data and Analytics solutions.

Data Visualization

An innovation in the way analysts work with data: react to issues more rapidly, look at data differently, more imaginatively using data exploration tools.
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Predictive Modelling & Advanced Analytics

Automating strategic and operational insights through Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Analysis and Modelling.
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Data as a Service

Our plug and play dashboards are built in Power BI and ready to be placed on top of a standard data lake, delivered through the cloud with Microsoft Azure. This accelerator is delivered through a subscription under the Data as a Service model.
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Machine Learning

Develop and train algorithms to determine predictive customer behavior, mitigate risk and automate fraud detection.
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Articles & Insights

Tech trends driving innovation in Retail Insurance in 2020

By unlocking the potential of InsurTech, new tech opportunities are reshaping the world of insurance. Explore the latest trends in the insurance industry in our infographic.


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A real-world story: continuously shippable app with SCRUM

SCRUM is here to help, not get in your way. Explore some of the real-life challenges we’ve had with software building activities and discover our solutions.

Best Practices

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Empower Business with Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

In the era of big data, augmented capabilities are becoming key differentiators for analytics and business intelligence (BI), data science, and machine learning platforms. Tools that leverage machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming how analytics are developed, consumed, and shared.

Best Practices

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Complimentary Business Self-Discovery Workshops

As an MGAA Supplier Member, Softelligence has committed to offer complimentary workshops to support its members in accelerating their transformation aspiration or health-check existing strategies - strictly no obligations.


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Case Study: enabling Retail and Corporate teams to achieve greater performance in a Banking organisation

Our client is a banking institution authorized to carry out all the specific activities of a commercial bank and some activities related to capital markets. In order to attain the Bank’s objectives, we delivered a solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our own digital acceleration platform.

Case Study

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