Corporate Social Responsability and Citizenship at Softelligence

Our goal is to be a purpose-driven company where hard work is always blended with passion to bring out the best in our people, in service of the common hope that what we do every day improves the lives of our partners, customers, end users and the communities in which we live.

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At Softelligence, we care

We work together with the six values of Softelligence in mind. In our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives we are guided by a deep focus on people, be it for social, educational or cultural causes that promote our humanity and kindness towards our community.

we care about culture


Dichis'n Blues International Festival 2022

We are pleased to be the sponsors of another edition of the Delta Blues International Music and Culture Festival. What a great opportunity to enjoy wonderful music that has a positive impact on cultural diversity.


Encouraging cultural diversity at #DeltaBlues

Supporting the Delta Blues International Music and Culture Festival in Tulcea, Romania as a unique initiative to boost awareness for the largest city in the Danube Delta. We have offered our support as sponsors of the past two editions of the event because we believe that the annual Blues Music Festival in Tulcea promotes a positive awareness of cultural diversity, an openness to appreciate international values and artists as well as encouraging local tourism to a wider audience.

we care about communities


Softelligence joins the Red Cross campaign “Humanity has no borders”

Humanity is about kindness and solidarity. About life and hope. Softelligence joins the Red Cross campaign “Humanity has no borders” and supports people fleeing the terrible war in Ukraine. Together we can make a change!


Twice a year, we become #TeamHope

Sponsoring a team of 25 employees running in support of charitable social causes.
In 2018 we helped the Hope and Homes for Children NGO raise over 20 thousand EUR in support of rebuilding the home of a challenged family of five in rural Romania. In 2019 we contributed to the fundraiser with two major events at the Half-Marathon in May and the Bucharest Marathon in October.


Ajungem Mari

Sponsoring the educational and social integration programs for children in institutions and low-income environments. We are glad that we met the Ajungem MARI team and we were able to support them and their fantastic children.


Dăruiește Viață

Supporting the construction of the first national children's hospital for cancer, serious illness and trauma from Romania by sponsoring the initiative #NoiFacemUnSpital of the Romanian non-governmental organization Dăruiește Viață.


SOS Satele Copiilor Romania

Offering funding in support of charitable social causes undertaken by the non-governmental organization SOS Satele Copiilor Romania.


Asociatia T.I.B.E.R.I.U.S.

Supporting the programs of the Romanian non-governmental organization Asociatia T.I.B.E.R.I.U.S. to help institutionalized children and young people, as well as those from disadvantaged social environments.


The Little People Association

Office fundraiser for the Bandana Days, in support of psychotherapy efforts towards hospitalized children in Oncology hospitals across Romania.

we care about education


#Softelligence Generation Tomorrow

If you look at the definition, graduation is the awarding of a diploma to a student by an educational institution. But let’s be honest - it’s not just that.
Graduation day is the culmination of all the time, effort, and persistence that students put into earning their diploma and it's a wonderful opportunity for them to celebrate all they've accomplished.
This year, we have celebrated the end of the school year with the students of "Tudor Vianu National College of Informatics”. It wasn’t a surprise to find out they have achieved great end-of-year results. As we believe in ongoing education, we proudly awarded them with books on this great day of their graduation.
Many congratulations on your well-earned achievement and never stop learning!


A 30-year-old tradition: Students versus Teachers

Every year, at the National College of Informatics "Tudor Vianu" in Bucharest, a famous football match between teachers and students takes place. This tradition dates back more than 30 years, thanks to the organizer, a famous IT teacher.
Given our involvement and support for sport, this year, we had the great privilege to support the students' team with sports equipment as they competed against their professors.
It was a great match, as the teachers weren't to be outdone: they had a few well-known celebrities on their squad, such as Razvan Rat and Daniel Niculae. All this while the one and only Alexandru Tudor refereed the match between the two teams.
With their cheers, songs, and joy, the spectators captured the competitive spirit and kept the players on their toes.
Congratulations to both teams! For the next 30 years of history and beyond, we eagerly await the game in a year, in two years, and so on.


Updating university curriculas with #BigData

Offering funding for professor scholarships that introduce a modern IT curricula focusing on Big Data in higher education institutions and universities across Romania.
The ANIS scholarship backed by Softelligence with a fund of 5,000 EUR for this programme represents an initiative of the tech industry to stimulate the teaching skills of young teachers in the university environment.


Partnerships with technical universities

Presentations and regular student meeting at Universities, paid internship programs, focused on Software Engineering, AI and Machine Learning


Școala Altfel at Softelligence

We host regular interactive career development sessions and workshops for highschool students to introduce them to the essential attributes for a successful transition to their future professional lives, focusing on gammification and team applications that nurture creativity and teamwork - two of our core values here at Softelligence.

Other organisations we've supported

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