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The IoT as a differentiator

Connected Devices and Smart Data in Insurance Claims

We have extensive industry knowledge and a broad expertise in digital projects covering paperless quote and bind flows, automation of the claims process through AI, fraud detection using machine learning algorithms across personal and commercial lines, corporate and specialty.

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How will IoT technology reshape the insurance claims industry?

Data gathered from Internet of Things can facilitate the creation of personalized services and products. Furthermore, rather than filling out paper forms, customers can now submit claims via mobile devices by taking a photo.

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Increasing Customer Satisfaction for Policyholders

Incorporating data-driven technology in the claims process can help minimize the time for a filed claim to reach completion: shorter wait times, quicker claim disbursements and enhanced information provided to customers, such as an app for customers to track the progress of their claim.

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Increasing Accuracy
with IoT Data

Connected devices inside vehicles and homes are collecting data constantly, which is recorded with a high level of accuracy.

This IoT data is neutral, based on metric facts, can serve as a strong basis for a claim and enhance further investigation of claims, while also minimizing the potential for fraud.

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Improving Insurance Claims Management with IoT Data

IoT systems can sometimes produce data that is not completely accurate due to faulty sensors or false alarms, and this can conflict with policyholders’ recollection of events. A strong network connection, with a high level of built-in security, can help minimize these kinds of inaccuracies.

Customer perception can be significantly affected when insurers ask for access to collected data from devices associated with an insured property. To ensure that customers feel trusted, it is important to prioritize transparency around usage of IoT data for insurance claims. Therefore customers can fully understand how the information from their connected devices is being used.

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