Howden Digital Quote and Bind Success Story

By Monica Crinu

The Customer

As a leading specialist insurance broker, Howden Insurance Brokers’ vision is to evolve their business and scale its client proposition, having invested heavily in attracting the best market talent and working with some of the best insurers in the world.


On investigation of its business capability, the organisation determined that in order to deliver value effectively they would first need to address their commercial operating model in order to meet their aspirational growth ambitions

The Journey


“My decision on transformation was one of empowerment. Empowering our staff and empowering our clients allows us all to unify the best of Howden Insurance Brokers. Softelligence, with their market experience, brought clarity to complexity and continue to help me deliver my vision: ensuring Howden drives change, rather than be driven by it.”

Mark Westgarth

Managing Director
(Financial Lines Group)

Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd.

With the digital quote and bind solution we’ve delivered to Howden Insurance Brokers, we can say that this future looks confident and results achieved by our customer come to prove it: transaction times decreased by over 90% and a frictionless customer experience.”

Rob-circle (1)

Rob Head

Head Of Delivery

Softelligence UK Ltd.

Pains and Gains


Managing legacy systems.

Innovating in a regulated manner.

Attracting expertise.

Demonstrating value to senior stakeholders.



Costs of manual placement

Complexity of the process

Manual intervention

Business exposure

Need for physical office presence

Double keying of data

Many human touch points


Fully digitised insurance placement

Product specific Demands and Needs question set

Automated production and storage of policy documentation

Digital process enforces defined regulatory requirements

Online accessible anytime, anywhere, across any device

Integrated with existing systems

Process automation and streamlining

expected gains

Profit Margins on bottom & top line growth

Accuracy of client demands & needs

Redeploy people into value-add activities

Real-time access to data

Compliance Behaviour

Resilience to market needs

Operational management support

Insight for decision making

gain creators

Automating non-essential tasks

Dynamic Branch (Skip) logic

Data Visualisation

Rules engine

Agnostic layered architecture

Management reporting

Predictive Analytics

Results delivered

Transactions times reduced from 3 Hours and 46 minutes to under 20 minutes per policy

100% of risks sanctions screened & automated monitoring

Automatic validation on telephone & GDPR preferences

100% of all policy documentation automated removing any off-shore requirement

100% TCF Compliant with defined broker and Insurer roles

API enabled 

Seamless collaboration with native system (sector)

Automated Bordereau Production

Operational Dashboard & Analytics 

Want to Know More?

Click below to download the entire Howden Digital Quote and Bind Case Study, including detailed diagrams of how the solution works in comparison to the legacy approach. 

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