Data-Driven Industry 4.0 pilot projects for a world-leading manufacturing company

By Monica Crinu

Our customer is a Fortune 100 company with more than 127,000 employees worldwide.

The business challenge covers items such as:

  • The customer needed to increase the RTY (rolled throughput yield in terminology Six Sigma is a kind of factory efficiency metric) calculated for the first two cycles of production in a manufacturing plant.
  • The scrap on all cycles in the manufacturing plant needed to decrease by 1.5-2%.
  • Also, the organisation needed to switch from SAS to Azure.

In response to our customer’s request, we have formulated two pilot projects: factory digitization leveraging Big Data and creating a scorecard for sales metrics to follow the rate of won opportunities of each month vs. the current year.
In terms of technology, for the factory digitalization with Big Data, the solution was deployed using predictive models for RTY and by migrating SAS reports to Power BI dashboards in the data warehouse. Through this modern data warehouse solution, we helped the customer to increase the RTY by 2%.

Furthermore, in terms of sales force metrics, we analyzed the actual sales opportunities tracking process and by migrating data in Power BI we created a scorecard for sales metrics. By defining calculation models & data aggregation we created the Power BI sales dashboards.

Both pilot projects were deemed to be a success. The RTY of the customer was increased by 2% (with the corresponding scrap decrease) resulting in savings of more than 1mil. Eur/year and we have successfully replaced some Excel-based reporting for the top management.

Customer Benefits
Business knowledge is making a lot of difference so the correct positioning can derive significant value.

Thereby through a modern data warehouse, a solution that enables data experimentation and having a hybrid cloud in mind our customer can create a long-term, trustful relationship with its clients while staying ahead of the market..

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