Building a Core Pension Administration

By Monica Crinu

How we helped a leading Dutch software engineering and technology consulting firm deliver a Pension Administration platform that manages the pensions of over 3 million subscribers.

Customer Story
Softelligence Engineering have delivered a major outsourcing project for our partner, a leading software engineering and technology consulting firm with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The customer, who will remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons, is a major Dutch pension fund.

The Business Challenge
The solution delivers enhanced digital functions to stakeholders from multiple Dutch financial funds.

The end-users are employees of the financial funds. The platform will process the pension funds for over 3 million people, while allowing scalability to handle much more.

This has been one of the prerequisites for the system right from the start: to be based on a flexible architecture, with decoupled components, to allow smooth future evolution for the entire system, together with easy integration with third-party components, such as Dutch regulatory agencies, financial funds and other new client systems.

The project consisted of building a new core platform for pensions administration, for a large financial organization in The Netherlands. The pensions of participants in various Dutch pension  funds are being handled through the platform built by Softelligence, our partner’s teams, and the staff of the end client.

For Softelligence, the project started in 2017 and the engineering effort scaled up across the years. Softelligence and our partner team collaborated on this  project on a day-to-day basis, acting as one team, together adding value to the system.

The purpose of building such a large financial system was to bring more digital assets, flexibility, maintainability and adaptability into a core pension administration system, allowing fast delivery of new functions and totally independent components.

After the major platform release, the project went on, with support and managed services, continuing to be delivered by 2- week sprints, well organized under the Scrum methodology. The services provided by Softelligence Engineering from Romania represented outsourced value-added software engineering and quality assurance services offered to our partner.

The overall impact and value of this project was however much higher, with more than 100 people working together in the delivery process, from all parties involved.

As a software R&D engagement, the project was perfectly harmonized among the different stakeholders and Agile actors, including business executives, architects, business analysts, UX designers, software engineers and QA specialists.

Customer Benefits
The project delivered a new pension administration system enabling all stakeholders to collaborate on future changes and integrate business processes and complex software solutions seamlessly

The platform represented the core of the larger IT landscape of a major Dutch financial organization, replacing a 15-yearold solution, which was responsible for processing around 9 million mutations per year.

The system was built with a domain driven architecture and includes new workflows, digital front-end and back-end functionality to support approximately 45 processes for life or work-related events of roughly 3 million people.

The setup consisted of multiple teams – in total roughly 70 IT and 30 business people involved. Delivery was done in an Agile way, using 2-week sprints and multiple inroom workshops every other few months, even if most the time the collaboration model was remote – in the Netherlands and Romania.

Besides the teams that worked on pure research and development, building the new system, there were also other teams connecting the new platform to the existing operational application landscape.
Technology Stack
Microsoft .Net, C#, Prism, MVVM, Microservices, Docker, onion architecture, CI/CD, DevSecOps, , event driven and domain driven design, SQL Server, MSMQ, TDD, Moq, Specflow, MSFT Release Management, XLDeploy, SonarQube, Soap UI, TFS

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