Softelligence is now Encora
Softelligence is now Encora

Ligia Popescu Softelligence Academy Graduate


At Softelligence, we believe that every one of us has the potential to make an impact. That’s why we founded the Softelligence Academy. The journey takes our interns through databases and web front-end classes, as well as Insurance and Banking workshops aimed to create the next generation of FinTech Consultants.

We’ve invited Ligia Popescu, Pre-Sales Associate at Softelligence, one of our most recent graduates, to share her personal experience with the Softelligence internship program.




Setting Goals: starting my career in IT 

“After I’ve finished my second year at University, I’ve started to look for opportunities to start my career in IT, searching for an internship program that would challenge me, that would help me not only practice my knowledge from school, but would also help me discover other technologies and combine them. I’ve found out about some internships that sounded well for me so I have applied to them, and the first call was from Softelligence. When they gave me more details about the program, it sounded like the one I was searching for all this time. I went to the interview and everything went naturally, like the whole program after I’ve got accepted.”

From Learning to Building: my internship at Softelligence

“My internship at Softelligence was better than I’ve expected, the best chance I could have ever had to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

I completed, in a relatively short period of time, tasks that I didn’t believe I could. To sum up my experience, I created a database model in SQL and made several scripts and procedures on it, I wrote code in JavaScript and built web pages with HTML5 and CSS, I learned about testing techniques (both manual and automated testing) and I also had Banking and Insurance courses. And, finally, there was a course about FintechOS, a platform on which I built a project all by myself. All in just six weeks.

I would say that one of the most significant parts was the overview I had in the end, being aware of what roles I can play in a software development company and discover which would fit me the best.”

The people here are passionate

“I’ve really appreciated that trainers didn’t follow that path of learning theory without teaching us how to apply them in real situations. They were very friendly and encouraged us to ask questions and to be curious. Every new concept came along with a challenge and it was fun to play with all these new notions, because until I got used to them, I had full liberty to make mistakes. It helped me a lot so far: now I can see more easily where the problems can appear in your code, how to avoid them or how to fix them and how important it is to test your work.

Speaking of fun, I must admit that one thing that contributed to this amazing experience was, above all, the environment. I had amazing colleagues and I connected with them more than I’ve imagined. We were different, but we became a very strong team. In our breaks or before starting the day, we used to play brain warm-up games such as Ricochet Robots, so every day was a combination of working with friends and learning things I was passionate about.”

A job at Softelligence

“All good things must come to an end… or not 🙂

Now, I can’t believe it ended. But at least, it ended successfully: I got a job at Softelligence and I am truly excited about it. I am grateful that I was part of this story and I believe I couldn’t find a better internship for the beginning of my career.”


As our CEO, Adrian Blidarus, says “in a world where technology is more and more difficult to understand, even for smart and well-trained people, we believe that our humanity is the one that will help us solve the ethical issues that the future might bring”. This is why we’re invested in building new journeys for our community, to give everyone who’s interested the tools they need to build a better future for tomorrow, today.

Stay tuned for future editions on the Softelligence Academy: Train & Hire Program.


Andrei Neagu Head of Academy and lead SQL Trainer at Softelligence

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Andrei Neagu is Head of Academy at Softelligence and our lead SQL Trainer.