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Welcome, year 2020: top 20 stats on digital transformation

Welcome, year 2020: top 20 stats on digital transformation



20 Trends on digital transformation for 2020

While digital transformation has been on the agenda for years, 2020 is predicted to be a crucial time to accelerate and deploy it across industries.

As a leader in this process, it is essential to remain transparent and open about every measure you are taking to enhance the future of the business. To help you on this journey and its impact on digital challenges and opportunities for the future, we will delve into the top 20 stats on digital transformation.

Top 20 stats on digital transformation | Softelligence

Growth of Digital Transformation

70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy in place or working on one.
(Source:, Digital Transformation: A CXO’s Guide, Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman, August 1, 2018)
Top benefits of adopting a digital model:

(Source:, Digital Transformation Report by Corporate Leaders and PTC)

40% operational efficiency
36% faster time to market
35% meet customer expectations
Top industries for digital-first business strategies:

(Source:, [White paper]: 2018 Digital Business Survey)

95%: services
93%: financial services
92%: healthcare
Digital Transformation Success
56%of CEOs said that digital improvements have led to increased revenue.

(Source: Gartner, Newsroom – Press Releases, Egham, U.K., April 24, 2017)

64% of digital-first companies
are more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers.
Digital transformation and a focus on customer experience can generate:

(Source:, What matters in customer-Experience transformations, July 2019)

20-30% increase in customer satisfaction
20-50% economic gains
Impact of Customer Experience

70% of business buyers say they’ll pay more for a better B2B experience.

(Source: ZDNet, Digital Transformation: A CXO’s Guide, Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman)

Loyal customers are five times more likely to buy again and four times more likely to refer the brand to family and friends.

Top 20 stats on digital transformation | Softelligence(Source:, The Ultimate CX Infographic, 2018)


70% of the buying experience is based on how the customer feels they are treated.

(Source:, 7 habits of customer-obsessed companies, October 22, 2019)

Omnichannel Experience
Companies with the strongest omnichannel experiences retain 89% of customers on average compared with companies with weak omnichannel customer experiences with an average retention rate of 33%.

(Source:, Why an omnichannel strategy matters, Paul Demery)


The percentage of companies investing in omnichannel experience has increased to more than 80% from 20%.

(Source:, The retail evolution. Combining tech and human interaction for compelling customer experience)


74% of marketers say it is important to have a cohesive omnichannel experience.

(Source:, The State of Omnichannel Marketing, Thorin McGee)

Growing Technologies


93% of companies consider innovative technologies as necessary to reach their digital transformation goals.

(Source:, SAP Study: 93 percent of companies consider Intelligent Technology key to Digital Transformation)


60% of executives believe connected technology and the Internet of Things will play an important role in their company’s digital strategy.

Top 20 stats on digital transformation | Softelligence
(Source:, [White paper]: 2018 Digital Business Survey)

By 2022, your personal device will know more about your emotional state than your own family.

(Source:, Emotion AI Will Personalize Interactions, Laurence Goasduff, January 22, 2018)

Leadership and Workforce Transformation

71% of leaders say the workforce is important in supporting their digital transformation strategy.

(Source:, [Interactive Report] Workforce Enablement: The Missing Link in Digital Transformation Strategies, July 23, 2018)


37% of companies say digital transformation helped them create new jobs.

(Source:, Futurum 2018 Digital Transformation Index)


40% of companies have dedicated digital transformation teams in place.Top 20 stats on digital transformation | Softelligence

(Source:, Futurum 2018 Digital Transformation Index)

Customers and Technology

Intelligent systems will drive 70% of customer interactions by 2022.

(Source:, Forrester Digital Rewrites the Rules of Business, Nigel Fenwick, Ted Shadler, February 26, 2018)


By 2020, an estimated 25% of all customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants.Top 20 stats on digital transformation | Softelligence

(Source: Gartner, Newsroom – Press Releases, Tokyo, Japan, February 19, 2018)


92% of customers are satisfied using live chat services, making it the support channel that leads to the highest customer satisfaction.

(Source:, How Live Chat can Impact Your Customer Satisfaction, Adam Methew, November 11, 2016).

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