Infographic: tech trends reshaping Supply Chain and Logistics in 2020

Infographic: tech trends reshaping Supply Chain and Logistics in 2020



Business innovation driven by digital transformation takes center stage, together with the need to revamp existing business models, in order to be competitive on the market. This fact is acknowledged by 65% of organizations active in these sectors, according to Forbes insights, “Logistics, Supply chain and Transportation 2023: Change at Breakneck Speed”, 2018.

We invite you to explore our infographic below, for useful insights from industry leaders, to see the latest tech trends that are reshaping Supply Chain and Logistics industries

Supply Chain and Logistics Infographic

Managing a business in the digital era requires an in-depth digitization process to keep up with the latest technological advancements in the industry. There is no doubt that technology has profound disruptive effects on supply chain and logistics operations. But how exactly are the industry leaders feeling about adopting technology and starting to digitize their business? What are their top tech priorities? What are the pros and cons of digital transformation weighed by the supply chain and logistics executives? 

Please find the infographic transcript below.

Did you know that…

50% of companies believe that technological advancements have a strong impact on the supply chain, logistics, and transportation operations? 63% of organizations have no or weak tech systems in place for monitoring supply chain performance?
81% of supply chain managers report that data analytics will be crucial when it comes to reducing costs? 46% of supply chain professionals still rely on excel spreadsheets for their operations?
75% of large manufacturers are looking to update supply chain operations using IoT and analytics-based situational awareness? 25% of logistic and transportation companies do not have a strategy in place to adapt to the deep industry transformation enabled by new technology?

Why are supply chain and logistics executives still reluctant to embrace technology?

48% – Budget constraints 39% – Lack of required tech skills
35% – Knowing where to start 15% – Resistance to change
14% – Legacy infrastructure 10% – Potential business disruption


What technologies drive competitive advantage for supply chain and logistics?



2020 current adoption rate

2025 expected adoption rate

Cloud computing and storage 59% 90%
Robotics and automation 39% 72%
Predictive Analytics 28% 82%

How is technology impacting Transport operations?


Transport management systems (TMS)

Route Planning and Vehicle Tracking

  • The market share is predicted to hit $4.8 billion before the end of 2025
  • Using 5G and IoT powered devices, operators can track their deliveries on a real-time basis
  • Using TMS tools can yield an 8% saving on freight costs
  • 4 out of 5 industry professionals see the greatest value from digitization in fleet management, especially in route optimization
  • Currently, only 35% of companies use TMS for their overall supply chain management strategies
  • Using IoT solutions, companies are able to solve problems like delayed transportation, operating errors, or inefficient cargo monitoring

What are the benefits of digitalization for the Logistics and Supply Chain industries?


90% of firms dealing in third-party logistics agree that data-driven decisions prove extremely beneficial to supply chain operations 2/3 of companies expect to see an increase in productivity and speed, which helps with improving route and equipment optimization
53% of companies believe technology will deliver significant benefits that will increase the customer experience (CX) 53% of organizations expect to see significant improvements in both uptime and flexibility


The benefits of digitalization for the companies in the logistics and supply chain sectors will increase their value up to an estimated $2.4 trillion


In an increasingly digitized world and taking into account the current market conditions of COVID-19 impact, the time to act and embark on your digital journey is now. By digitizing your logistics and supply chain workflows, you will automate operations, increase customer satisfaction through hyper-personalization, and boost business productivity. These are only a few of the key benefits of business transformation. 

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