Softelligence is now Encora
Softelligence is now Encora


Alexandra Ionascu Digital Transformation ConsultantGrowth is a choice, and, at the same time, it’s a very personal thing. Whether we’re talking about private or professional achievements, as individuals we grow when we have the courage to step outside our comfort zone and aim higher. It may seem hard at first, but with the right attitude, nothing remains impossible. This is the foundation we’ve built the Softelligence Academy on.

We’ve invited Alexandra Ionascu, Pre-Sales Engineer at Softelligence, to share her personal experience with the program, as a graduate of the internship who has chosen to start her career with us.




About today

“I’ve been working at Softelligence for a year now and my journey here started with a one-month internship at Softelligence Academy.”


Looking back at the internship

“I was very enthusiastic when I was selected to take part in the internship programme in the Bucharest headquarters of Softelligence. I felt that the training provided was truly going to help me as a starting point in my work experience, which it really did. During this time, I acquired not only technical knowledge, but also industry-specific knowledge and valuable soft skills. I can name some of them here: SQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PowerBI, but also industry knowledge of Insurance, Banking. Lastly, I learned all the skills required to become a FintechOS Consultant and Developer. “


What were the highlights of the internship?

“What I really liked while learning here was the good collaboration between us and the trainers, and the fact that they were not simply presenting and teaching us concepts like we are used to in school. Being so, we were challenged to find solutions and understand the concepts by practising, we were given real examples, solving different tasks and communicating our ideas in each one’s team.

Because of this, the atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming, perfect for us to be comfortable to ask questions and learn. Moreover, we got to know each other better, which led to solving tasks more efficiently in our teams during the internship, which was also possible because of the fun exercises and games we were encouraged to do and play from time to time.”



As our CEO, Adrian Blidarus, says “in a world where technology is more and more difficult to understand, even for smart and well-trained people, we believe that our humanity is the one that will help us solve the ethical issues that the future might bring”.

This is why we’re invested in building new journeys for our community, to give everyone who’s interested the tools they need to build a better future for tomorrow, today. Stay tuned for future editions on the Softelligence Academy: Train & Hire Program.


Andrei Neagu Head of Academy and lead SQL Trainer at Softelligence

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Andrei Neagu is Head of Academy at Softelligence and our lead SQL Trainer.