Softelligence received e-Growth award in the e-Finance Gala 2019

Softelligence received e-Growth award in the e-Finance Gala 2019


Softelligence, a strategic technology partner for the banking and insurance industry, recently received the e-Growth award in the eFinance Gala 2019 for the successful involvement with FintechOS in the effort to localize George, the first smart banking platform in Romania launched by BCR in 2018.

With this award, Softelligence receives an important recognition from the banking environment for solid partnerships demonstrated over 10 years of collaboration with organizations in the field. By engaging in such projects, Softelligence wishes to contribute to the creation of a new standard in the banking and financial services – a high-performance digital solution – to help improve the financial experience of millions of consumers.

Softelligence is also the only technology company in Romania to deliver a 100 percent digital end-to-end credit solution for TBI Bank. Built on the FintechOS platform, the solution allows online retailers from Romania and Bulgaria, TBI Bank customers, to offer buyers the opportunity to purchase the desired products through online credit when the order is completed.

“Softelligence has been and will remain a strong support for banks, insurance companies and non-banking financial institutions in the process of digital transformation and innovation that generates a new standard of experience for all financial services users in Europe,” said Adrian Blidarus, CEO of Softelligence .

Softelligence recently separated from FintechOS sister company and is currently acting not only as a FintechOS implementation partner, but also as a provider of customized data, AI and machine learning software solutions, key elements in developing new technologies that will mark business environment in the coming period. The company has also maintained its software outsourcing business line by developing its projects in this area through its Craiova division, Softelligence Engineering. Outside Romania, Softelligence has offices in London and Toronto.

Softelligence is a company founded in 2006 in Bucharest, specialized in the development and implementation of digital transformation solutions, focusing mainly on financial-banking and insurance industries: cloud-based services and solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, Business Intelligence, data, software development and other digitization processes. Currently, the company owns 4 offices in Romania, the UK and Canada, serving corporate clients globally.


Softelligence received e-Growth award in the e-Finance Gala 2019

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