Softelligence is now Encora
Softelligence is now Encora

Meet Laura Niculescu, our new Head of Talent, at Softelligence. If you’re interested to join us or take part in training programs at Softelligence, please contact us.

Softelligence Insights: Get to know Laura Niculescu, our new Head of Talent


“Nowadays in the HR world, we talk a lot about searching, finding and developing talents, a task that requires planning and strategy, empathy and patience. Head of Talent is a people-oriented position – it means making the hiring experience more human and enjoyable and not just to search for perfect resumes. Rather than focusing on hard skills, searching and keeping talents in the company means to understand what people need in terms of communication, teamwork, the processes of rewarding and recognizing performance and the development of the career path for each individual.”

Laura Niculescu, Head of Talent at Softelligence



“Creativity can be developed, but it requires passion and commitment. The same goes with people – passion and commitment makes them feel valued and encourages their success and growth.”



“I’ve been part of Softelligence team since October, after almost three years working as Learning and Development Manager for a medium-sized company in the food industry. I must confess that moving from cakes, pastries and bread to HTML, JavaScript and CSS wasn’t the easiest thing to do and I still have a lot more to learn, but I took it as a challenge and as an opportunity to reinvent myself. Changing companies also brought me the chance to do something that I’ve always wanted to do, which was assuming the responsibilities of a new role as Head of Talent.”


“You have to be flexible and sometimes to be creative. Not everyone reacts the same to a game or to a certain type of training. Some people may not find it engaging or some may have seen it before, but there is always a way you can adjust yourself and your effort in order to get a positive reaction from the audience.”



Softelligence Insights: get to know Laura Niculescu, our new Head of Talent
“As a conclusion, I would say that searching, finding and retaining people in a company, in today’s world, no matter the industry, is a constant journey and a company needs to continuously evolve to ensure it’s a leader in the field. If you focus only on the technicalities of a role and you forget about the human side of things, you can’t encourage growth.”

“Head of Talent isn’t just a job title on paper, it’s a challenge, a piece of a bigger picture, along with flexibility, creativity and patience. Planning and strategy are necessary when you work with people, but you have to see these as guidelines – the rest of the time, you adapt.”

I must say, we are kind of cool around here 🙂


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If you’re interested to join us or take part in training programs at Softelligence, please contact us.


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