Softelligence Insights: Agile Development Process

Softelligence Insights: Agile Development Process



Explore our framework for Agile Software Development

Through our Agile Development Process, a unique mix of software science, design thinking, and agile delivery, we enable companies to accelerate their product engineering and go-to-market strategy.

Whether you are building a next-generation software solution, a new enterprise platform or pursuing an ambitious transformational roadmap, we can help design engaging digital experiences and engineer your vision using webscale architectures, microservices, BI and data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Cloud services.


We’ve crafted a set of methods, best practices, and recommended tools, that offer fast delivery and full visibility into the development progress. With this framework, our focus is to release often and calibrate the solution to your exact needs.



Agile Development Process at Softelligence


With our Software Development Framework we tick all the boxes you care about:




Design & Innovation
Product Engineering

Data as a Service

Commercial & Legal
Face-to-face meetings

Communication & tools


Common vision

Engagement models

Knowledge transfer

Lookahead planning


Roles & responsibilities

Executive steering committees & governance

Shared activities (team building, hackathons, socially responsible actions, culture-add experiences)


Ideation workshops and design thinking

UI & experience design

User journeys

Cross-platform design

Proof of Concept


Innovation forums

Technology advisory

Web-scale architectures


Mobile responsive

Modern engineering

Algorithms and structures

BI and Analytics

Machine Learning



Environment, infrastructure, and access

Testing and QA automation

Migration, integration

Agile delivery

Project management & reporting

Product launch

Managed services


Code access, IP & ownership

3rd party tools & licenses

Contracting & Billing


GDPR & Compliance





From initial demos, competency validation and contract review, through digital ideation and technology consulting, and all the way through the Agile “build” journey, Softelligence is your trusted solution engineering partner.”


CIR accreditation for cross-border R&D projects from the French government



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Why Softelligence?


Softelligence was voted “Best software development partner” in Romania in 2019, and a Central-European finalist in the 2019 edition of the Central European Startup Awards
We work with you to understand your domain, your users and stakeholders, figure out the digital vision, the functional requirements, the technical ambitions, and the infrastructure constraints. Then we translate your business requirements into innovative solutions that become reality with bespoke software development.

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