Softelligence at the 13th European Insurance Conference

Softelligence at the 13th European Insurance Conference



Softelligence proudly participated in the 13th European Insurance Conference – this time held in Paris – that brought together influential leaders, experts, and visionaries to delve into the dynamic landscape of the insurance sector.

The opening speech of Andreas Brandstetter (President of Insurance Europe and Chairman & CEO of UNIQA Insurance Group) stood out and generated a lot of relevant debate. He offered invaluable insights into critical industry themes, such as customer behavior, investments, and global competitiveness.

Since Cyber Security Insurance Market is expected to grow considerably in the forecast period 2023- 2030, everyone expected to have a buzz around it. We’ve had Cyber insurance dialogue on how Europe can lead the way to cyber resilience, how cyber insurance policies are adapting to cover emerging risks and on the development of industry-specific cyber insurance policies (healthcare, financial services or retail).

Another particular focus that resonated with me during the conference was the growing importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) orientation. ESG is no longer just a plan for the future; it has become the day-to-day reality of insurers’ business. Insurers face challenges, but they also have powerful drivers propelling them forward.

As we navigate uncharted territories, we collectively acknowledge that there is no singular answer to the pressing questions we face. This realization fuels our determination to seek innovative and transformative solutions. We recognize the significant influence of customer demand in driving the adoption of ESG practices within the insurance industry. Insurers must proactively offer sustainable and responsible solutions to their customers, rather than waiting for regulatory requirements.



Adrian Blidarus  CEO Softelligence

Daniel Jinga  Consulting Director Softelligence                                                            







Andreas Brandstetter
President of Insurance Europe and Chairman
& CEO of UNIQA Insurance Group



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