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Softelligence Insights: Mentorship Program - Manuel Bajescu

Recently we’ve launched the “S.E.T. for Success” Program under the motto “accelerate your emotional transformation”. The objective is to develop emotional intelligence skills and effective coping strategies for the people of Softelligence, through mentorship and internal career coaching, workshops and health programs.

We’ve invited Manuel Bajescu, Solution Architect at Softelligence, to share his motivations to join the program as a Mentor.




Softelligence Insights: Mentorship Program - Manuel Bajescu“I remember being the youngest employee at the company where when I got my first job. I know there is nothing out of the ordinary about this, but what is interesting is the fact that even after 7-8 years of activity, I was still the youngest employee, even though, in the meantime, I had graduated and starting working for another company. At that time, I was regularly listening to various life stories that my colleagues were sharing, especially since some of them were at retirement age and had all kinds of interesting things to say. I used to find all these stories interesting but, because of my young age, I also had the tendency to focus on other areas which determined me to minimize their impact and to remain indifferent to these life stories.”


Softelligence Insights: Mentorship Program - Manuel Bajescu


“The years went by and I changed jobs and job titles, while every once in a while I learned that slowly some of my high school colleagues were retiring. While I was signing up for new sport tournaments and marathons, I started to notice that I needed to scroll down more and more to reach my age category in the registration forms. Nowadays, I’m about to leave behind the 45-49 age group to enter the next one, 50-59 years old, which is usually the penultimate age group in a competition.”




 Softelligence Insights: Mentorship Program - Manuel Bajescu

“I realized later that life goes by so fast and that there were times in my life when I wanted to seize some extra time to think things through. Precisely because of the lack of time, I felt that a discussion with someone with more life experience would be welcomed by my younger colleagues nowadays, or at least have someone who can listen to you and share the point of view of a person who has accumulated a diverse experience over the years. For me, this was challenging because, starting with my third workplace, I had no one to discuss such issues with, and the decisions I made in my professional life were generally mentored by my parents or siblings.”




“From my point of view, the mentor has a unique position in the sense that they are not connected emotionally or professionally with their mentored colleagues.”


Softelligence Insights: Mentorship Program - Manuel Bajescu



“I think that a mentor can analyze a situation more objectively without going through the subjectivity of a parent or the functional role of a manager within the company. I think that the 30 years of work spent in a few companies in different functions can be a real support for someone who needs a personal career perspective at some point and am glad to share a piece of advice or lend an ear, whenever needed.”



About Mentorship at Softelligence

Mentoring is a type of counselling program by which a colleague with more seniority and experience acts as a counsellor and guide to another colleague. It is a process by which a person offers support in a methodological framework defined to another person who is thus supported in making decisions regarding his/her own personal and professional life.

Specifically, through mentoring, a colleague with experience (mentor) shares his knowledge with another colleague (mentee), who is at the beginning of his career, changing professional direction or simply looking for new professional goals or solutions to problems with who is facing. The main objective is to give people opportunities to accumulate skills, knowledge and confidence to perform at their best.


Softelligence Insights: Mentorship Program - Manuel Bajescu



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Andreea Fasui 
leads the S.E.T. for Success program at Softelligence.

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