Partnering for Safer Social Spaces

Partnering for Safer Social Spaces


Softelligence have partnered with Safe N Social to bring a new concept to life with the vital mission to create safer social spaces for everyone. Targeting the UK market, the app addresses the need to reduce incident response times, record evidence for prosecution and deter would-be perpetrators in the context of after-hours social life, but not only.


The Business Problem

The issue of sexual assault and inappropriate touching in public spaces affects 1 in 4 women in the UK, with only 2% of reported cases leading to prosecution. Additionally, over 700,000 reports of alcohol-related violence and 190,000 reports of public hate crimes were filed in 2021. The risks are not limited to customers, as even venue staff are at risk, with 114 assaults on security staff happening daily and only 6% of these leading to prosecution.

Something needs to change. Everyone deserves to come home safe, and Safe N Social are on a mission to make this happen.

The Solution

With the support of Softelligence, Safe N Social have proof of concept for an app to help solve the problem of unsafe social spaces. The app will transform any smartphone into a personal SOS alarm, giving out an exact location to security. It will livestream footage to the nearest security or emergency services personnel to decrease response time and help prosecute the attacker.

Future plans will introduce a smartwatch feature that uses health data to identify anyone who has been spiked, attacked or is suffering a serious health incident.

Co-founder of Safe N Social, David Mahoney said “Softelligence provided invaluable support from the inception of our Safe N Social App through to proof of concept. Their involvement has significantly improved the quality of the service we’ll be delivering. Softelligence only make promises they can deliver, consistently offering efficient and high-quality output that adds value to our project.”

“At Softelligence, we position ourselves as the human link between technology and the business, and, by this, we highlight that we don’t work in isolation from our communities. With the Safe N Social project, we want to contribute to a better, safer experience for everyone, not just at work, but also after hours, using technology to aim to reduce violence and harassment” said Adrian Blidarus, Founder & CEO, Softelligence.

The Aim

Safe N Social’s ambition is to build a future where getting on a bus, visiting a bar, or even going to work is safe from sexual, emotional & physical violence.

They aim to:

  • Reduce incident response times
  • Record evidence for prosecution
  • Deter would-be perpetrators
  • Utilise security resources more efficiently & effectively

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