New Investors to Accelerate Growth in 2021 | Adrian Blidăruș Interview with ZF IT Generation for Ziarul Financiar


Adrian Blidăruș, Softelligence CEO – interview given to ZF IT Generation’s Adrian Seceleanu for Ziarul Financiar:

Adrian Blidarus, Founder and CEO of Softelligence

“2020 has been an atypical year for most companies, but it has helped us strengthen our relationship with our insurance and banking customers and also to partner with global companies such as Instanda and Databricks. These two partnerships have helped us to bring to the Romanian market innovative solutions to accelerate the digitalization of companies in the financial sector. We are also satisfied that in such a challenging year we managed to stay focused on delivering top solutions to our customers, which was reflected in the overall growth of the company, for the seventh consecutive year.

“In 2021 our main goal is to accelerate growth”

“At the end of this year, I’d first want to have achieved growth. This is my job, if we fail to grow to our potential – and the data so far has shown us that our potential is somewhere around 30% – it means something is going wrong. I want to expand our focus to other markets, beyond Great Britain and Central and Eastern Europe, so we will be looking further on to Western markets.”

“I thought about listing on the Stock Exchange or bringing some partners and I think this is an option to help us grow faster. My vision is to expand the area in which we operate globally. I would try to revisit North America in a more open world. For that we need investments, we need money, to open an office there or why not make a local purchase to be able to enter the respective market because our idea is that of connection”. 

“Our team will grow by at least 60 new employees during this year”

“There are almost 200 people at the moment. Last year we practically managed to hire over 30 people. This year we are looking to accelerate growth – we want an increase in turnover somewhere between 20 and 30%. I don’t want to throw some numbers on the table because last year I wouldn’t have imagined that things would evolve like that. All in all, it hasn’t been such a bad year, but it wasn’t what we expected. In 2021 an increase of 20-30% seems possible and probably, as in any service firm, doubled by the increase in the number of employees. We think that by the end of the year we will have 240-250 people. More than that we try to balance this growth in all the markets in which we are present. We also have an office in the UK, where we work with some big customers from the insurance industry and we want to be close to them and then the growth will be a balanced one.”

Watch the full video interview given to ZF IT Generation here:


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