Softelligence is now Encora
Softelligence is now Encora

Message from the CEO: Softelligence Connected

Message from the CEO: Softelligence Connected


A message from Softelligence Founder and CEO, Adrian Blidarus


Dear customers, partners and colleagues,

I’d like to take a few moments and reflect on the history of Softelligence.


Adrian Blidarus Softelligence


When we started out, we obviously wanted to do a good job, but we also wanted to transmit positive emotions such as being talented, intelligent and continuously searching for new ideas and daring innovation opportunities. Hence we adopted our first logo.

Still, after some time I started wondering if being intelligent, having talent and ideas is enough in order to deliver real value. What did we truly learn on this 14-year journey with the Softelligence tribe?


Firstly, I would say that a services and consultancy firm must primarily focus on people at any level. This is where true innovation takes place: at the confluence between people and technology, involving both tools and a cultural evolution. While we are still intelligent people with brilliant ideas, our success is also based on our ancestral ability to communicate and connect. After all, as one of my favorite authors, Yuval Noah Harari was pointing out, this is what made Homo Sapiens the most successful species in the history of this planet (and I would add that this is the thing tormenting us the most these days when, contrary to our survival instincts, we need to isolate).


These are the ideas that our new brand image aims to convey. A new look that comes to emphasize this evolution. Our quest is to connect to each other, connect with our customers and, ultimately, with the aid of technology, to help human beings be more human and live better lives.


Softelligence Connected


Einstein was saying that imagination is more important than knowledge. To this, I would like to add that while the things that we can imagine are limitless, nothing can really be achieved at scale without creating meaningful connections between technology and people, between customer needs or desires and solutions and, ultimately, between anything we can imagine and our ability as a tribe to pragmatically materialize it.



Now, we are at the point of our evolution as a tribe where we are a strongly connected community that is continuously looking to self-actualize, committed to deliver high quality services to our customers in order to achieve daring and pragmatic results.


I am very excited for the new year. While 2020 has had its many challenges, I would like to thank each of you for being along for the ride and for taking this journey further so beautifully. At the close of the year, we can all look back at the lessons we’ve learned and how they have made us stronger, better – together. I hope you agree that our new logo is an echo to this fact.


This year we’ve all reflected a lot on what the “new normal” means to us; on this, I am confident that what the new normal has brought with it is a renewed sense of trust in the many ways technology is helping us to overcome difficult times, to continue to create value and to generate growth. We have all embraced technology in more ways than before, in our professional and personal lives, with conference calls with friends or family and with digitalized processes at work. Through it all, we’ve kept on focusing on what defines us as human beings: communicating, exchanging and complementing each other.


Our new logo is, therefore, not just a change of sign, but also a sign of change. My vision goes beyond digital transformation, data and software. I believe that together, we can build a better future and a better life. As long as this is our end goal, everything else is just an instrument in the artisan’s hand.


Respectfully yours,



Softelligence Connected

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