Interview of Adrian Blidarus with Fintech Connect

Interview of Adrian Blidarus with Fintech Connect


“Digital transformation means a lot of things these days and we are trying to demystify this term in several ways. So, for us, digital transformation means three things. First of all, we are talking about a new customer experience which is based on up-to-date devices, social media and 24/7 availability. Secondly, we are talking about rolling out very quickly new products and trying to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional back-office system. We are trying to accelerate and help companies to “attack” the market quickly. Thirdly, I think that everybody is aware of the amount of data that is being generated. Now, us as humans we don’t have the capacity to process those amounts of data but luckily enough, nowadays the technology is available to get advantages of the data you collect.” says Adrian Blidăruș, our CEO in the interview given to Fintech Connect by Fintech Finance

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