Future of Work: A Transformational Office Redesign for Growth and Success

Future of Work: A Transformational Office Redesign for Growth and Success


We are thrilled to announce the completion of our office redesign projects in Bucharest and Craiova. It has been an exciting journey that has culminated in a workspace transformation aligned with our company culture and values. Our redesigned offices reflect our commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging among our team.

The journey started in May 2022 and our colleagues played an integral part in the process of creating the new office space. We recognized the importance of understanding their needs and preferences, and as a result, we provided them with various forms to fill in to ensure we fully understood their requirements. We then embarked on a four-phase transformation journey: Discover, Design, Co-Create, and Evaluate & Evolve. During the Discover phase, we worked together to define our vision for the future and the transformation we wanted to achieve. In the Design phase, we analyzed our colleagues’ responses to create functional layouts tailored to their specific activities. Co-Creation involved building the reality through an integrated solution for culture, workplace, and technology. Finally, during the Evaluate & Evolve phase, we measured the impact of our transformation and continued to adapt to future changes. This approach ensured that our new office space was a collaborative effort between our leadership team and colleagues, and it reflects our company culture and values.

The newly designed office provides a diversity of work settings, such as workstations, phone booths, quiet areas, break areas, lounges, or project spaces, to support different kinds of activities and work styles. This approach is known as activity-based working, where employees can choose the appropriate setting at any time, depending on their task, mood, and personal preferences. This is a departure from the traditional binary model where people are stuck in either open-space or enclosed offices.

The benefits of activity-based working are numerous. It increases flexibility, productivity, and supports cultural change. By increasing workspace utilization, it also helps to reduce the environmental footprint, requiring less space to serve the same number of employees. It enhances employee experience by offering freedom of choice, which can give teams a sense of empowerment. Moreover, it improves health and well-being by promoting a healthier, less sedentary work style and creating an attractive environment that is dynamic and vibrant. Finally, it enhances interaction by encouraging face-to-face interactions critical for the exchange of ideas and information within organizations.

Our team is excited to see the positive impact that this transformation already has on our work and culture. We are committed to maintaining a healthy and dynamic workplace culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. Work-life balance is also very important for us and, while the new office setup can accommodate various work activities, we still encourage our colleagues to choose the suitable way of working – whether it’s office only, hybrid or from anywhere they like.



Enjoy a short tour of the Craiova office: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfGO0T26O7E

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