Empowering Data Science Education: Softelligence as the Main Sponsor of Data Science International Summer School

Empowering Data Science Education: Softelligence as the Main Sponsor of Data Science International Summer School


At Softelligence, we were thrilled to be the main sponsor of the prestigious Data Science Summer School, organized between July 21-28 by the Bucharest Business School & Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE).

This fourth edition of the summer school had become a beacon for data enthusiasts worldwide, drawing eminent professors, researchers, and participants from diverse countries. Together, we created a dynamic platform to explore cutting-edge topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, empowering the next generation of data scientists.

The Data Science International Summer School offered a transformative learning experience, equipping participants with essential data science paradigms for real-world applications. Our comprehensive curriculum spanned a wide array of topics, including Data Science Introduction, Python, Statistical Learning, Machine Learning, Deep Learning with Neural Networks, Time Series Analytics, Graph Data, Conversational AI, FAIR Data, Data Sharing, Data Enrichment, and Machine Learning Pipelines.

Adania Miu, our amazing Data Visualization Consultant at Softelligence, had the privilege of attending the Data Science International Summer School, and her journey was nothing short of exceptional. “The program offered a comprehensive overview of Data Science fundamentals, with a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on lectures, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced individuals seeking to enhance their Data Science skills,” she recounted.

“The lecturers were professors and esteemed researchers in the field of Data Science, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their engaging presentations covered a wide range of topics, providing valuable new perspectives and knowledge,” Adania shared. “Moreover, it was a great opportunity for networking with individuals from various backgrounds. This enhanced the overall experience, as we got to exchange ideas and insights on data science, study programs, and career paths.”

Beyond education, the summer school thoughtfully organized engaging social activities, including fun-filled games, hikes, vibrant parties, game nights, and karaoke sessions. “These events provided an excellent platform to get to know fellow participants better, fostering friendships and leaving us with cherished memories,” Adania highlighted.

Together, we nurtured a community of passionate data scientists, poised to tackle the challenges of the data-driven world. Our commitment to championing educational initiatives remained unwavering, inspiring the next generation of data professionals to excel and drive innovation in the ever-evolving realm of data science. As Softelligence, we were proud to support this transformative event and looked forward to many more successful editions in the future.

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