Efforts should be focused towards the development of a digital culture, beyond the investment in IT

Efforts should be focused towards the development of a digital culture, beyond the investment in IT


Adrian Blidarus, Founder and CEO of SoftelligenceTo ensure long-term success, Softelligence aims to support its customers in building a digital-based organizational culture. “In addition, whether we are talking about adoption rates of new technologies by users or the speed of adaptation to new processes, the human aspect is vital, so our recommendation is that beyond the investment in IT, efforts should also be focused towards the development of a digital culture,” says Adrian Blidăruş, in the interview given to Piata Financiara magazine. (Piata Financiara, February 2019)


What are the solutions that Softelligence brings to the banking industry?

“Softelligence is committed to delivering services and consultancy in order to accelerate digital transformation in the financial industry using our proprietary D.A.T.A. Framework. 

In this sector, digital transformation is happening all around us, and the question is how you can get further, faster. The keyword is acceleration and we provide our customers with pre-built, accelerator components, whether we’re talking about predefined flows we develop on top of our partner platforms, dashboards and data visualization or Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

All these are relevant to the banking industry, where we have been delivering to our customers flows like digital lending, loan origination, digital onboarding, digital scorecard, advanced risk assessment algorithms, customer profiling and even virtual support. The common denominator in all of these solutions is data and the ability to make decisions using the data we share with the companies we work with, as well as data from other virtual environments. We are undergoing a technological revolution where companies that can smartly use data and information of any kind will gain major competitive advantages.

The question is not whether these concepts will reach the productivity area, but when this will happen. Then, those who will reap the rewards will be those who will have experienced, failed, experienced once again to the point where they understand the contribution of technology to their innovative business models.”

How can a company differentiate itself in the IT services sector?

“In our opinion, differentiation in the IT services sector is no longer achieved through IT services. Romanian experts’ excellence in this sector is no longer a secret. What drives us to the next level is the understanding that IT is an accelerator for an organization’s performance.

As a result, the differentiation is achieved through a deep understanding of the targeted sectors (banking, for example) in line with an excellent IT training and technology. In the medium term, IT and business approaches will merge, creating hybrid positions such as Chief Digital Officer or Chief Data Officer, as data is a catalyst driving innovation, optimization, and exponential growth processes.

At Softelligence we offer a complete portfolio of complementary services to accelerate digital development on the “data-driven” line. This implies that, beyond technology and platforms, the organizational culture should be directed in a way that encourages the employees’ willingness to experiment and nurtures their ingenuity and curiosity.”


Can you discuss some of the company’s successful projects?

“We have been honored to receive the e-Growth award early this year, granted to us at the 16th eFinance Gala for the successful involvement of our company alongside our technological partner, FintechOS in the effort to localize the George application, the first smart banking platform in Romania launched by BCR, but also for the strategic partnership for the banking and insurance industry in the digital transformation and innovation process, which generates a new standard of experience for the users of banking services in Romania.

Another example of good practices in the financial industry, I mention the 100% virtual digital lending project, also launched together with FintechOS, for TBI Bank. There are also other projects we are working on in the digital banking sector, but unfortunately we cannot say more now due to the confidentiality agreements we have with our customers. Our efforts do not stop in the commercial sector. Since we are a business set up in Romania, we understand the importance of supporting performance starting from the education phase. In this regard, we launched a project called Softelligence Academy – the Nexus Train and Hire Program, where we train professionals with a financial background in sectors such as fintech/insurtech.

In this program, we talk about technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and others. We have also partnered with ANIS Scholarships in the initiative of supporting the technical universities at the national level, by sponsoring a Big Data Master at the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj.”

What trends do you think will become a reality this year and in the next period?

“We believe that a critical mass of big data and information has been reached, where a significant amount of data has accumulated in most businesses to be capitalized upon.

Building on our expertise in Analytics, we launched our first projects based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The main challenge here is the human one or what some of our partners have expressed: all this sophisticated technology is the answer to which question?

As IT consultants, we feel we are responsible for creating coherent visions that business leaders can relate to. We see a high interest on the commercial side for this type of project and also from the developers who want to get involved in these new opportunities that will radically change the business sector and the way of working in the near future. In fact, in December we organized, together with our Microsoft partner, the Bucharest edition of an international initiative – Global AI Bootcamp. In this event we organized conferences, panels and workshops along with developers, partners, and customers based on case studies from the insurance industry, using technologies such as image processing, data classification algorithms and fraudulent event detection within damage processes.”


“In a world where technology is more and more difficult to understand, even for smart and well-trained people, we believe that our humanity is the one that will help us solve the ethical issues that the future might bring. Our humanity will also help us make the right decisions in defining some successful projects that seem hard to be understood.”


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What are Softelligence’s plans for the future?
“We have developed a proprietary Softelligence framework called the “Unified D.A.T.A. Framework” to accelerate digital transformation in the financial services industry. This framework is a philosophy of approaching projects focused on positive critical thinking, continuous improvement and the pursuit of an ultimate goal beyond the timely and consistent delivery of agile projects. Our goal is to provide a strategic contribution to our customers’ growth. We position ourselves as a partner for the organizations we work with, beyond being just a provider of IT services and solutions. We believe that digital is not an abstract concept, but a different manner of doing things. To ensure long-term success, we support our customers in building a digital-based organizational culture.”


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