Driving Value in Difficult Times | Opinion piece by Adrian Blidarus for Startup.info


Adrian Blidarus, Founder and CEO of Softelligence“I discovered in this pandemic that projects do not have to take so long to be launched, nor do they need to be so bureaucratic. To produce value, you just need an open attitude towards finding solutions and leveraging innovation (…) Softelligence is a company that focuses on people, and I believe innovation is about people more than it’s about technology” says  in the interview given to the global innovation ecosystem magazine Startup.info.


“Tell us about you, your career, how you founded Softelligence.”

“Adrian Blidarus: I started writing code when I was 16, and I initially pursued a technologist career as a software engineer. Gradually I got involved in management positions in various local companies, most of them being startups or companies that were led by entrepreneurs, doing business internationally all over the world. At some point, I was discussing with my brother to start a company of our own that would be different from the companies that we had been working for. These were mostly outsourcing companies, and we had a distinct feeling that we were good enough to drive further innovation by creating products and offering proper business and technology consulting.”

“How does Softelligence innovate?”

“Adrian Blidarus: Softelligence is a company that focuses on people, and I believe innovation is about people more than it’s about technology. Technology evolves and creates new opportunities, but the real innovation is technology integrated with a specific business area. That is why in the absence of business understanding and the right culture, technology by itself cannot make a difference. We’re currently rebranding our company logo precisely on this idea, of the connection we help make for our customers between their business goals and the technology drivers to achieve those goals.

Essentially, technology in combination with business understanding and a digital culture creates a virtuous circle with its own continuously improving dynamics: people embrace technology in order to improve business outcomes and, by doing this, they help technology to evolve. At Softelligence, we focus greatly on people and culture, and we stay up to date and forge partnerships with the big technology providers while using our deep business understanding in Financial Services to create real, significant innovation.”

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