Data and AI Summit 2023: Scaling of Data and AI

Data and AI Summit 2023: Scaling of Data and AI


Data and AI Summit 2023: Showcasing the Scaling of Data and AI

The first half of the summer was full of insightful industry events, not just in Europe.

Our colleagues – Rob Head, Head of Deliver, and Marc Hollyoak, Head of Technology Strategy – expressed their delight in participating in the Data and AI Summit, a remarkable event organized by Databricks in San Francisco from June 26th to 29th 2023.

The conference provided a platform for Databricks to unveil significant announcements, demonstrating their vision for the future of data and AI. Attendees were captivated by the theme of “Generation AI,” as Databricks emphasized a pragmatic approach to bringing AI to the enterprise.

The summit showcased key advancements, including the acquisition of MosaicML, the introduction of LakehouseIQ, improvements in deploying AI models, enhancements in data warehousing through PredictiveIO, and the release of Delta Lake 3.0. With the Unity Catalog and the Databricks public marketplace powered by the Delta Sharing protocol, Databricks highlighted the importance of data governance and accessibility. These strategic moves exhibited Databricks’ commitment to providing a reliable and high-performing platform for organizations venturing into data and AI initiatives.

Partnering with Databricks to Deliver Data-driven Digital Transformation Solutions 

Inspired by the potential of Databricks’ innovative solutions and their commitment to driving data-driven digital transformation, Softelligence seized the opportunity to join forces with the industry leader in a transformative partnership. As a Consulting and Systems Integrator Partner in the Databricks ecosystem, Softelligence leverages the powerful Databricks platform to create and deliver tailored value propositions for the insurance and banking industries. Through this partnership, Softelligence aims to empower organizations to achieve a significant return on investment through real-time big data insights.

“We’re excited to be a part of the Databricks partnership ecosystem as a Consulting and Systems Integrator Partner. This partnership enables Softelligence to create and deliver new value propositions tailored to the Insurance and Banking industries, built on the Databricks platform for scalable unified data analytics and machine learning. Together with Databricks, we enable customers to achieve a step-change in ROI through deep business insight from real-time big-data. To achieve this, we leverage our capability of building teams of collaborative data scientists and data engineers, combined with best practices, and a cloud-scale unified analytics delivery platform.” said Marc Hollyoak, Head of Technology Strategy at Softelligence.

The partnership between Softelligence and Databricks offers organizations in the insurance and banking sectors the opportunity to leverage a trusted data platform that enables accurate decision-making, streamlines business processes, and drives predictive and prescriptive analytics. By standardizing and scaling data models, automating data governance, and providing real-time insights, Softelligence empowers businesses to harness the power of their data assets and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

About Databricks: Databricks is the leader in Unified Data Analytics, empowering organizations to make their data ready for analytics, enable data-driven decision-making, and adopt machine learning at scale. By providing data teams with the ability to process massive amounts of data in the Cloud and power AI with that data, Databricks helps organizations innovate faster and solve complex challenges across various industries. With a wide range of global customers and a strong partner ecosystem, Databricks continues to drive innovation in the data and AI space, founded by the original creators of popular open-source projects like Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow, and Koalas.



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