Softelligence is now Encora
Softelligence is now Encora

The Python & React Academy, a new Softelligence Engineering training program for students in Craiova, Romania

The Python & React Academy, a new Softelligence Engineering training program for students in Craiova, Romania


Are you studying computer science or computer engineering in Craiova? Or maybe Informatics?

What is your ambition when it comes to software and how would you build your career in software engineering?

Apply for our Python & React Academy program, dedicated to students based in Craiova, Romania. It is a new paid program, focused on Python, React, and AWS technology, and may be the first of its kind dedicated to students in Craiova, using these technologies that are in such high demand on the market.

Train with senior architects in modern software practices and career development, to develop technical & teamwork skills, and by the end of this program to have a clear vision of what it is like to build software that matters.

This program will be done entirely online.

Send your English resume and any project portfolio at until March 20, 2022, to apply.

Send your resume 


About the internship

The internship takes place between April 4 – June 10, 2022

The program is paid and each participating student will get a temporary employment contract with Softelligence Engineering in Craiova.

The duration of the program is 10 weeks, with an estimated individual effort investment of 20 hours/week on average.

Deadline for applications: March 20, 2022

What you will learn:






  • Learn to build and deploy cloud-native (AWS) full-stack web applications with Python and React
  • Use a Python framework
  • Full software development cycle, from requirements to continuous delivery of incremental software
  • Apply best practices: Software quality: unit testing, coding standards, engineering principles
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Team collaboration with Git flows, code review; communication practices
  • Agile development with SCRUM
  • Dive into microservices, serverless, security principles
  • Interact with existing Softelligence Engineering teams

Why apply for Softelligence Engineering Internship? 

  • Start a career in IT. This can be your moment zero.
  • Train with senior software architects, benefit from ongoing mentorship
  • Hands-on software engineering practice
  • Develop technical & teamwork skills required in the global IT market
  • Open your perspectives: get access to international stakeholders, top-level management


Requirements to join the class:

  • Basic Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Good English
  • Passion for web solutions
  • Invest time to gain knowledge


Selection process:



  • Prepare your resume in English and include any relevant project portfolio that you can share with us
  • We want to know about: your most interesting projects, your passions, the technologies you used, how you used them
  • Send resumes until March 20, 2022 at
  • Selected candidates will be invited to an online video interview; expect a technical test and an English language check.
  • Interviews will take place until March 25th, 2022
  • Selection results announcements, meet & sign the contracts: March 28 – April 1, 2022
  • Software engineering internship kicks-off on April 4th, and ends on June 10th, 2022


Opportunities after the program:

  • Pending successful completion of the Academy program, you may join Softelligence Engineering as a colleague, part-time or full-time (depending on your availability)
  • Your training continues with the second part of the program, as an employee of Softelligence. 2-3 months of hands-on web training, together with our experts, in real-life projects
  • Apply what you learned during the internship
  • Contribute effectively to a real project team after your technical training is complete.


To apply for a software development internship position in Craiova, please write to us at, include your English CV and specify that you apply for the Python & React internship program. 

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