10 ways AI is transforming insurance right now



63% of insurance executives believe that the entire industry will be transformed by intelligent technologies.

This report aims to fill the literacy gap by providing a number of use cases of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be actively put to work to transform the Insurance industry right now.

Value-driven technology enabling growth in the Insurance industry

10 ways AI is transforming insurance right now



Risk Mitigation

#1 Speeding up claims processing

#2 Using chatbots to improve customer workflow

#3 Detecting and preventing fraud

 10 ways AI is transforming insurance right now



First Notice of Loss

#4 Mobile interfaces

#5 Processing claims data autonomously

 10 ways AI is transforming insurance right now



Claims Management

#6 Automated claims support

#7 Advanced underwriting

#8 Using algorithms to spot fraudulent claims

 10 ways AI is transforming insurance right now



Loss Assessment

#9 Self-service apps

 10 ways AI is transforming insurance right now




#10 Expedited claims



Founded in 2006, Softelligence enables brokers, insurers and MGAs to accelerate growth with next-generation InsurTech through automation, AI and machine learning. We have extensive industry knowledge and a broad expertise in digital projects covering paperless quote and bind flows, automation of the claims process through AI, fraud detection using machine learning algorithms across personal and commercial lines, corporate and speciality.

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how AI is transforming the insurance industry

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