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Together with our digital technology partners, we mix automation, business intelligence expertise, and technology to create world-class journeys. Our technology platform ecosystem sets the foundation for the digital transformation of your organisation.

Deloitte Technoogy Fast 50

Softelligence was founded in 2006. By 2014 we had grown into a reliable partner for our customers. So, Deloitte Fast 50 happened at an inflection point in our journey when our growth rate truly accelerated with a 70% increase in annual turnover.

Since then, we have been able to sustain a growth rate of over 40% year-on-year. This has been key to our ability to expand internationally, both in terms of group footprint as well as with our partner and customer base.

Deloitte Fast 50 is a great competition for young companies seeking recognition that their brand is agile enough to put out a robust performance in today’s accelerated business landscape.

To us, Deloitte Fast 50 was an additional confirmation that our foundational efforts have been fruitful. It has also been a reward in itself to be listed among the other companies in the competition.

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