Marian Teodorescu

Marian is a senior software engineer with Softelligence Engineering.  For the last 12 years, Marian has worked mostly in the Java environment, using Java related technologies and frameworks. He always enjoys diving into new trends and tools, therefore in the last few years AI and Docker/Kubernetes captured his interest. In his free time, Marian likes reading SF books and playing computer games.

Articles written:

Kubernetes has become ubiquitous when deploying distributed applications in the Cloud, especially when it comes to highly performant enterprise infrastructures. An example of such applications that fit very well in a k8s infrastructure are web apps that use the microservice architecture.

Best Practices

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In the past 5 years most of the new software projects have used Kubernetes. This was also the case with Softelligence, as we witnessed Kubernetes become the global de-facto tool used in new software applications.

Best Practices

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Containerization has become very popular during the last few years, especially given the growth of microservices architectures and cloud services. Using a stack such as Docker, Kubernetes and Helm can make one’s life easier in terms of building, running and deployment options.

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